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Finally a Belt Sander that does not dig in. Complete with sanding frame and high dust extraction capability when used with a Festool Dust Extractor.

Manoeuvrable belt sander.

The handy sander. Whether for coarse, fine or linear sanding, Festool belt sanders are a reliable partner and offer a unique advantage. Working in only one direction along the grain prevents sanding rings from developing, thereby eliminating laborious, tiresome reworking. With a width of 75 mm, the BS 75 belt sander is particularly easy to handle.

  • The well-balanced centre of gravity of the longitudinally mounted motor ensures non-tiring work
  • Strong motor pulling force ensures economic working
  • With the sanding frame, the BS 75 can be placed gently and safely on the surface. The machine does not tilt and can be guided easily and accurately thanks to the brush suspension. The height of the workpiece surface can be precisely adjusted. And the belt sander can be easily lifted 4 mm into the parked position.
  • Belt speed adapted to the material
  • For quick material removal. The powerful 1010-watt motor reliably provides a high traction and high material removal capacity in record time.
  • For clean work. The integrated dust extractor guarantees clean working conditions. The BS 75 can also be connected to Festool mobile dust extractors.
  • Accurate belt guidance. The sanding belt is guided safely and accurately for efficient work and a perfect sanding finish. Precision adjustment ensures consistent accurate work after the belt is changed.

Technical Data

Power consumption

1 010 W

Belt speed, rated load

200 - 380 m/min

Belt length x belt width

533 x 75 mm

Sanding area

135 x 75 mm

Dust extraction connection dia.

27/36 mm


4.00 kg


  • 4 Sanding belts - 60, 80, 100 and 120 grit
  • Stationary frame to convert tool to benchtop linisher
  • Surface sanding frame
  • SYS MAXI systainer
  • Operating tool