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Every year approximately 4,000 people are injured on circular saws, corresponding to 16 injuries per working day. Around 26% of serious accidents even result in an accident pension (German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) statistics Accidents at work 2017). With the new TKS 80 table saw, the risk of most serious cutting injuries during sawing is reduced. While you concentrate on your work, we protect your most valuable tools "your fingers".


Main applications:
  • Cross-cutting up to a width of 820 mm with sliding table, at a cutting depth of 20 mm
  • Rip cutting up to a cutting height of 80 mm and a width of 600 mm with an extension table
  • Tilting saw blade for angled cuts between -2° and 47°
  • Improved safety: Less risk for your fingers - The responsive sensor on the integrated SawStop AIM technology provides increased safety when sawing in non conductive materials. SawStop AIM technology can also be deactivated if necessary
  • Flexible: 80mm cutting height, extendable work surface, stopper and angle stop enable flexible work, even with large workpieces
  • Splinter free cuts: Fewer splinters on the upper surface of the material in mitre rip cuts by swivelling the saw blade to the left
  • Protects your health: Dust extraction attachment with CLEANTEC extraction sleeve for dust free work and a free view of the workpiece
  • Space saving: Tool garage attached on the side provides optimal storage space for saw blades, cartridges and push sticks


Power consumption: 2200 W
Idle motor speed : 1700 - 3500 min
Saw blade diameter : 254.00 mm
Cutting height 90°/45° : 80/56 mm
Inclination : -2 / 47 °
Table dimensions : 690 x 580 mm
Table height, legs folded away  : 385.00 mm
Table height, legs unfolded : 900.00 mm
Dust extraction connection dia. : 27/36 mm
Weight : 37.00 kg