The world's first 54V cordless Concrete Saw, DCS690N-XJ, has been designed in conjunction with two new DeWalt 230mm blades - a wet & dry diamond blade for applications like cutting concrete slabs or paving and a metal blade which also enables it to cut steel, stainless steel, cast iron, rebar, aluminium and non ferrous metals.

With an 83mm depth of cut making it suitable for the majority of onsite applications, the DCS690N-XJ offers a convenient alternative to traditional petrol engine machines. Thanks to powerful 54V Flexvolt technology, the DCS690N-XJ is able to hold its own in jobsite applications that would previously have been unthinkable for a battery powered tool, while dispensing with many of the downsides of petrol equivalents such as high noise levels, exhaust fumes, maintenance considerations and the hazards and inconvenience of buying, transporting and storing fuel. A dual sided water delivery system also enables superior dust management when wet cutting.

To ensure a long lifetime in construction applications, Dewalt have engineered several protective features into the tool; these include a heavy load indicator which lets the operator know when the machine is being overloaded, an enclosed battery compartment with latching lid and a rear labyrinth construction air intake to keep the motor clean, cool and debris free.

  • Brushless motor for increased efficiency and longer runtime
  • 230mm blade and 83mm depth of cut suitable for most onsite applications
  • Latched battery compartment protects battery terminals from dust & water ingress
  • 5-position rotatable guard for improved visibility when cutting in tight spots
  • Adjustable dual sided water delivery system for superior dust management
  • Sealed switch for durability
  • Heavy load indicator provides user feedback to help cut consistently without stopping
  • All metal drivetrain for superior efficiency & durability
  • Fast acting brake for increased safety and productivity
  • Ergonomic soft grip handle for comfortable operation over extended periods of use
  • Auxiliary handle designed for horizontal and vertical cutting
  • Rear labyrinth construction air intake keeps motor clean, cool and debris free
  • Compatible with diamond blades and metal cutting blades
  • Voltage: 54V
  • Blade diameter: 230mm
  • No Load Speed: 6600rpm
  • Depth of Cut: 83mm
  • Cut Time:
    • 25mm Scoring 60cm: 33 seconds
    • 19mm Rebar: 4 seconds
    • Through Cinder Block: 5.2 seconds
  • Weight: 8kg



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