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Euroboor B60 Bevelling machine
1,100 W / 22.3 kg

With a maximum bevel width of 24 mm, at an angle of 45 ̊, the Euroboor B60 bevelling machine is an unique machine in the market. This bevelling machine has a powerful high-efficiency motor and is suitable to cut both plate and pipe material.

The Euroboor B60 bevel machine has a clear indicator for angle setting, up to 60˚ and is easy to control thanks to the clear, precise and simple (protected) control buttons.

 • Powerful high efficiency 1,100W motor

 • Ultra-smooth operation

 • Clear, precise and simple (protected) controls

 • Clear indicator for angle-setting

 • Suitable for pipe material Ø > 150 mm

 • Easy replacement and indexing of cutting plates

 • Wide and soft handles

Specifications :

Spindle speed 2,850 rpm

Max. bevel width 22 mm (45˚)

Bevel angle 0 - 60˚

Pipe diameter > Ø 150 mm

Length 415 mm, Width 375 mm, Height 268 mm

Weight 21.3 kg

Motor power 1,100 W 10 A Voltage 220 - 240 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz

Case contents:

1 x B60 Bevelling machine, including milling head with cutting plates 

1x instruction manual 

3x allen keys (4, 6, 8 mm) 

1x torx key (T20) 

2x open spanners (18, 32 mm) 

1x safety ear protection 

1x safety goggles 

1x safety gloves