Festool Hole drilling set LR 32-SYS

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Holes in series.

Hole series are always drilled with a spacing of 32 mm and a hole diameter of 5 mm or 3 mm. The hole series drilling system is a complete set for fast and simple production of series of holes for shelf supports, rear wall supports and fittings with the OF 1010 or OF 1400 router. Everything in a single Systainer.

  • for use with hole line LR 32 guide rails

Items included

    • guide plate
    • centring mandrel
    • hinge location cutter HM Ø 35 mm
    • dowel drill HW Ø 5 mm (V-shaped tip)
    • dowel drill HM Ø 5 mm (with centring bit and pre-cutter)
    • 2 parallel side fences with adjustable stop
    • FSZ 120 fastening clamps (two units)
    • 2x Longitudinal stop
    • screwdriver, WAF 5