Crimping Tool Kit 6pc

Crimping Tool Kit 6pc

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Toptul GAAI0605 6PCS Quick Interchangeable Ratchet Crimping Tool Kit


  • Ratchet mechanism crimper stands for superior labor saving
  • Quick insertion changing of jaw without any tool
  • Professional AISI 4140 Alloy Steel Crimping Jaws
  • Ergonomic comfort-grip handle
  • Crimping too! set with ratcheting function and adjustable jaws
  • Includes 5 exchangeable crimping jaws
  • Insulated terminal ends DIN 0.5-6mm2
  • Non-insulated terminal ends DIN 1.5-10mm2
  • Open-barrel terminal ends DIN 0.5-6mm2
  • Insulated cord-End Terminals ends DIN 0.5-4.0mm2 (for small size)
  • Insulated cord-End Terminals ends DIN 6-16mm2(for large size)


  • Insulated Terminal(DLAA066l)
  • Non-Insulated Terminal(DLAA1001)
  • Open-Barrel Terminal(DLAA0602) 
  • Insulated Cord-End Terminal (for small size)(DLAA0401)
  • Insulated Cord-End Terminal (for large size)(DLAA1601)


  • Soket Size: DIN 0.5-1.0/1.5-2.5/4-6 mm2(DLAA066l)
  • Soket Size: DIN l.5/2.5/6/10mm2(DLAA1001)
  • Soket Size: DlN 0.5-1.0/1.5-2.5/4-6 mm2(DLAA0602)
  • Soket Size: DIN O.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.5/4.0mm2 (for small size)(DLAA0401)
  • Soket Size: DIN 6/10/16 mm2(for large size)(DLAA1601)