Panel Repair Set HD 7pc

Panel Repair Set HD 7pc

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Toptul GAAI0702 Pro Auto Body Repair Tool Set 7pcs


    • Professional quality meets industrial standards
    • Drop forged tool steel dollies, heat treated, includes Utility Dolly, Curved Dolly, Heel Dolly and Toe Dolly
    • Drop forged tool Steel hammers, selected hickory, includes Pick & Finishing Hammer, Shrinking Hammer and Standard Bumping Hammer
    • Easy Latch case holds all tools securely in place and provides excellent tool protection



  • Light Shrinking Hammer (Flat Face + Milled Square Face)(JFAB0233)
  • Standard Bumping Hammer(JFAA0133)
  • Pick & Finishing Hammer(Crowned Face) (JFAC0333)
  • Curved Dolly (JFBI0113)
  • Toe Dolly (JFBG0112)
  • Heel Dolly (JFBJ0108)
  • Utility Dolly (JFBH0107)