Clip Removal Set 6pc

Clip Removal Set 6pc

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Toptul JGAS0601 Mini Handy Remover Set 6pcs


  • Made from high impact resistant nylon material to minimize scratches
  • Specific slim profile design and unique shape for easy removal
  • Place tool under edge of panel or trim to remove trims and internal fittings


  • JJAP0620 Angled Clip Panel Remover Size - 30x200mm
  • JJAP6720 Flat Clip Panel Remover Size - 30x200mm
  • JJAP0820 Panel Remover Size - 24x200mm
  • JJAP0920 Sharp Panel Remover Size - 24x200mm
  • JJAP1020 Straight Panel Remover Size - 17x200mm
  • JJAP1120 Clip Panel Remover Size - 37x200mm