WEKA (MDM-WEK-DK16) drill motor | DK1603 | 230V | 10A | 2000W

WEKA (MDM-WEK-DK16) drill motor | DK1603 | 230V | 10A | 2000W

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  • Intellitronic - the new electronic system starts the motor by means of a micro controller softly and thus avoids a too high start current. When exceeding the over current threshold the electronic is showing this by a pulsating of the motor. If the operator now decreases the feed power, the motor works normal again. If the operator does not decrease the feed power the electronic switches the motor off after some seconds. After this action the motor can be started immediately. It is not required to wait a time period before starting again like on a thermal motor overload switch. Thus the Intellitronic avoids overload conditions and increases safety, the operators comfort and the motors life time.

Specifications : 

Speed :                    900/1900/3900rpm 

Core bit range:        20mm-160mm

Power :                    2000 watts. 230 volts 10A